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Richie Hawtin’s New Plastikman Album ‘EX’ Given June Release Date

Richie Hawtin has announced his new Plastikman album ‘EX’, his first since 2003’s ‘Closer’, will be released digitally on June 10, and on vinyl, CD and limited edition SubPac bundle on July 15.

Recorded at the Guggenheim, New York’s iconic art museum, Richie Hawtin was invited to perform his Plastikman 1.5 show by Dior’s Raf Simons, but instead recorded an album’s worth of new material, “I knew that Raf was a long time Plastikman fan so by accepting his offer to perform at the Dior event at the Guggenheim I knew I’d set myself up to a huge challenge,” explained Hawtin.

“Although Raf was happy to have the already complete Plastikman Live 1.5 show, I locked myself away in a series of intense studio sessions and quickly recorded enough new material for the performance and realized I might also have enough for a complete new album.

“The music came out of me effortlessly as I was very inspired by the opportunity to play in this beautiful architectural space renowned more for art than music. The location also allowed me to step far away from the dancefloor, giving me a huge amount of freedom to EXplore any sonic ideas that I had. Art, music, architecture, painting, sculpture – these mediums are supposed to live together.”

The album will be presented on vinyl, with a signed certificate of authenticity and a custom Plastikman edition of the SubPac S1 portable bass system that’s meant to give the listener the experience of listening to the music on a bass-y club system.

Hawtin explains, “By introducing the physical dimension of sound, the SubPac creates a direct connection between the fan and the music in its purest form, allowing a deeper appreciation for the music we all love.

“As with all Plastikman albums, there is a lot of sonic information in the lower frequency range, that make the SubPac a perfect listening accompaniment in order to fully appreciate the experience.”

Hawtin will be exclusively performing the album at next week’s Sonar festival



Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.