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Self-appointed musical genius Chilly Gonzales has announced the release of a new book, ‘Re-Introduction Etudes: 24 easy-to-master, fun-to-play piano pieces’ which is specifically aimed at the millions of lapsed pianists out there.

“So many of us took piano lessons as kids, and sadly, most of us gave up. Learning the piano is overwhelming. There are so many things to think about: scales, finger positions, counting rhythm, reading the notes, understanding how chords move from one to the other. It’s a lot for kids or curious adults to take in.”

“But most of all, the repertoire that beginning pianists learn is often cheesy, rinky dink and simply not fun to play. With all of this predictable, unsatisfying and hopelessly old-fashioned music, it’s no wonder there are so many “lapsed” pianists,” explains Gonzales.

As well as the book and CD, there will of course be some special shows around the release where you’ll be able to join Chilly Gonzales (literally) for lectures, demonstrations and select on stage one-on-one lessons inspired by his newly published book.

Apparently you’ll only need a beginner’s music reading ability to get the most out of the 24 etudes, with each one highlighting a specific technique for composing and playing the piano.

Gonzo will also be on hand to give you his take on how melodies are designed, how harmony works and most of all, how to use special piano secrets via a narrated companion CD.

Release Date: 2nd June 2014
Publisher: Gentle Threat Ltd. / Editions Bourgès R.
Formats: Book + CD + Poster / e-Book
Press Kit: www.chillygonzales.com/press


Re-Introduction Etudes

Table of Contents
Introduction to the Re-Introduction


1. Five Spot – Bass and Melody – Dedicated to Johannes Brahms
2. Pavane – Thirds – Dedicated to Steve Jobs
3. Pleading the Fifth – Fifths – Dedicated to Feist
4. Mansbridge – Thirds and Sixths – Dedicated to Drake
5. Red Thread – Moving Motifs – Dedicated to Nina Simone
6. Cloches Tristes – Moving Motifs II – Dedicated to Pierre Gagnaire
7. Sunday Unsung – Filling in the Jump – Dedicated to Your Ears
8. Climbing and Falling – Scales as Melodies – Dedicated to M.C. Escher

Interlude Wild Cards

9. Tarantula – Semitones – Dedicated to Thelonious Monk
10. Odessa – The Appoggiatura – Dedicated to Kristina
11. Aquamarine – The Blue Note – Dedicated to Mozart
12. Dressed in Green – The Green Note – Dedicated to Paddy McAloon
13. In-Between – Major and Minor Harmony – Dedicated to Chet Baker
14. Glad and Sad – Major and Minor Melody – Dedicated to Victor Borge
15. Resolutions per Minute – Resolutions – Dedicated to Clara Schumann
16. Cycle Therapy – Cycle of Fifths – Dedicated to Lionel Richie

Interlude Space

17. Early Bird – Seventh Chords – Dedicated to Erik Satie
18. College Triads – More Seventh Chords – Dedicated to Mocky
19. Les Accords – Introducing Arpeggios – Dedicated to Maria Callas
20. White Litany – Arpeggios as Melodies – Dedicated to Daft Punk
21. Chaconne and On – Pedal Point – Dedicated to Prince
22. 80’s and Gentlemen – 80’s Basslines – Dedicated to My Brother Chris
23. Lefties – Left Hand Accompaniment – Dedicated to Barack Obama
24. Knight Moves – Drumming on the Piano – Dedicated to Boys Noize

The Masterclasses. Discover the Re-Introduction Etudes in real-time as Gonzo lectures on the musical theories behind each composition, demonstrates his own personal tricks to master the skills taught in his book and gives one-on-one on stage coaching. This is your chance to see Chilly Gonzales in an intimate setting where he will talk about melody and harmony, scales, moving motifs, semitones and of course, major and minor. During the course of each lecture, 4 pre-selected « students » will benefit from Gonzo’s teachings right there and then.  So to all lapsed piano players out there: come prepared to get to work with the Maestro!
Saturday 24 May – Toronto LECTURE @ Royal Conservatory of Music’s Mazzoleni Hall
Monday 2 June – Montreal LECTURE @ Centre Phi
Wednesday 18 June – Vienna CONCERT with Kaiser Quartett @ Der Saal
Friday 27 June – Berlin LECTURE @ Dussman, das KulturKaufhaus
Monday 7 July -Paris LECTURE @ Cité de la Musique’s Amphithéâtre
Tuesday 29 July – London CONCERT @ Roundhouse
Win a chance to be one of Gonzo’s Masterclass students.  In order to prepare the best class, Chilly Gonzales will select his students in advance. If you want a music lesson on stage, write a letter (no more than 300 words) or film a video (no more than 2 minutes) on the subject: “Why I want a lesson with Chilly Gonzales” and send to masterclass@chillygonzales.com. Submissions may be made in English, French and German. 
Deadline is TWO WEEKS before your Masterclass:
Toronto  – Friday May 9                 
Montreal – Saturday May 17           
Vienna –  Tuesday June 3  
Berlin –  Thursday June 12  
Paris – Sunday June 22          
London – Monday July 14

Andrew Rafter

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