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Detroit house producer Terrence Parker has started a campaign to raise $20,000 to pay off his own debts he has amassed whilst touring.

Apparently over the years Terrance has missed quite a few gigs and in turn racked up thousands in debts to promoters across Europe.

Speaking about the campaign Parker, said: “I need to raise money to help cover debts owed to promoters due to poor DJ Tour management and expenses related to my current DJ tours.

“My once stellar reputation has been damaged because of many broken or empty promises made which left me unable to travel and perform at several shows; disappointing my fans and friends.

“I have been working very hard on my own trying to recoup the monies to restore the promoters. While I have successfully paid in full refunds to many promoters, there are other who I still owe.

“There is a chance I will be forced to stop DJing if I do not resolve this issue. This is why I am humbled to ask for your help.

Obviously the campaign hasn’t gone down too well with promoters who are still waiting for Terrence cough up the money he still owes.



With any campaign like this you’re meant to offer prizes to intice would-be donors – so what do get if you’re mad enough to donate, say, a $1,000 of your hard-earned cash to poor old Terrence? 10 Mixes apparently, and access to all his future gigs.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven quite frankly. Instead of the campaign he should play all the gigs he missed for free instead of asking fans – who have already been disappointed by him – to pay for his continued mistakes.

Via Slothboogie 

Andrew Rafter

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