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Electronic producer Whitey has seen an email exchange between himself and television production company, Betty, go viral after the producer lambasted the company for asking to use his music for free.

Not happy about the constant devaluing of music in general, Whitey posted his reply to the TV company to his Facebook page, stating: “I want a loud dialogue started in the music press about this shit. I’m sick of these people. I propose a collective blacklist of companies that play this shabby angle, enough.

“I donate music all the time to indie projects, students and those who need it but cannot pay. But these people… ugh,” he added.

It’s no secret that almost all media companies use questionable tactics when it comes to creating content cheaply as possible. Whether it’s working as a intern for a magazine – or in Whitey’s case, offering exposure in lieu of financial renumeration – it’s a widespread, and acceptable practice that Whitey feels needs to be stamped out once and for all.

The producer went on the ridicule Betty’s decision not to set aside some of its budget for music: “This music is my hard-earned property,” he writes. “Would you walk into someone’s home, eat from their bowl, and walk out smiling, saying “So sorry, I’ve no budget for food”?

Read the full email below.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.