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Earlier this week it was revealed that Gatecrasher had been fined for selling fake vodka in its Leeds club Bed, today the global clubbing brand responded to what it called “misleading reports” from Trading Standards’ website.

Gatecrasher admits to having possession of the alcohol in its premises, but states that the vodka never made it on sale and was “taste tested” by the manager who decided it didn’t meet their standards.

Apparently the vodka was then placed in a store room for disposal when Trading Standards seized it, Gatecrasher categorically states that “no vodka was ever sold.”

Here’s the full statement.

Further to misleading reports on the trading standards web-site Gatecrasher would like to address reports about one of its former venues selling counterfeit alcohol.

In 2012, Gatecrasher Bars and Clubs Ltd used a second tier reputable and registered supplier called Midnight Tipples to purchase house Vodka for its Leeds venue. Most clubs use discount Vodka brands for student events.

The club had an existing two-year relationship with the London-based supplier. Midnight Tipples currently serves hundreds of private buyers and many bars, clubs, restaurants, off licences and promoters nationwide.

Gatecrasher was not involved in any back-door ‘cash deals’ for alcohol, the supplier is a VAT registered company who came highly recommended.

Gatecrasher carries out stringent ABV (Alcohol by Volume) tests and also independently taste tests all on its new alcohol products from third party suppliers. All previous ABV and taste tests carried out on alcohol provided by this supplier had passed.

Although an ABV test had not been carried out on the vodka, a taste test was carried out at the bar as soon as the club opened, the manager immediately realised the product was sub-standard and removed the vodka from sale.

The vodka the Trading Standards found on September 2012 was in a storeroom for disposal later that evening. No vodka was ever sold.

Simon Raine, MD of Gatecrasher commented; “It is unfair that the actions of a third party supplier now call in to question our reputation. It is unacceptable that we have been prosecuted when the supplier’s court case has yet to take place. Gatecrasher will seek legal recourse against the supplier and may appeal against the Trading Standard ruling.

We want to assure our customers that they can continue to feel confident and safe in all of our venues. The actions of this supplier represent a complete violation of our company’s values and standards. We will not tolerate actions that undermine the trust of our customers and call into question the reputation we have built up over the past 20 years.

Gatecrasher no longer uses second tier suppliers and only buys directly from brands. Only branded vodka is used at its venues.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.