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Kitsuné Announces Soleil Mix 2 By Gildas Kitsuné & Jerry Bouthier + Free Mini Mix

Kitsuné kicks off this summer with 
the second volume of its solar “Kitsuné Soleil” mix series, out July 1st.

This year’s mix includes exclusive tracks from Two Door Cinema Club, Yelle, Hot Chip, Alan Braxe, Is Tropical, Jupiter, The Swiss, and JBAG.

Check the ubiquitous Bouthier mini mix below and then read Jerry’s thoughts on each track.

1: Superpoze ‘Pavane
’ – A solemn almost spooky intro from a 20 year old French prodigy tipped for big things. Watch this space.

2: Tiny Dragons ‘Canvas’ (PACT remix)
 – A majestic yet slightly off the wall way to kick off the mix into gear, like an indie The XX with interesting beats and drops.

3: JBAG ‘Mogadisco
« My music partner Andrea Gorgerino and I have completed our second JBAG single and here it is exclusive to Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2. ‘Mogadisco’ is a bit of an ode to hedonism… and the constant pursuit of happiness.

4: Dombrance ‘The Witch’ (Feat. Sourya) (ASWEFALL remix) – Another of France’s best kept secrets, Dombrance is a classically trained musician who’s embraced rock and the electronic revolution. The sublime Aswefall version brilliantly mixes decades.

5: IS TROPICAL ‘Dancing Anymore’ (TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB remix) – Not content from having turned into a mega band, Two Door Cinema Club are now trying their hand at remixing. Here they rework London’s infamous Is Tropical and turn “Dancing Anymore” into a cheeky piano anthem.

6: Viceroy ‘While We’re in Love’ (Feat. GHOST BEACH) (FARE SOLDI remix) – Another meaty pairing, the poppy nu-disco of this young Californian producer gets a rockin’ fix from Milan’s funky nutters Fare Soldi.

7: Kent Odessa ‘Bo Jacksons’ (HAYS HOLLADAY remix) – From Detroit to Brooklyn, Kent Odessa has a passion for all things funky and racey (as proved on Kitsuné AMERICA 2). The remix here almost breaks new genres… lunatic beat? mentalectro ?

8: Roosevelt ‘Soleil
’ – The aptly titled ‘Soleil’ flies off to a bedazzled destination. Heavenly guitar arpeggios + young boyish voice = fabulous moving ditty.

9: Charli XCX You (Ha Ha Ha) (GOLDROOM remix) – The latest electro banshee on the east London block gets the FM treatment from California’s Goldroom who demonstrates once more why he’s become a hot shot.

10: The Swiss ‘Elouisa’ (VILLA remix)
 – Balkan house? Not quite, The Swiss are in fact Aussies who distillate a personal form of 80s jazzed-up funk, but
in the hands of Belgium’s Villa, ‘Elouisa’ turns into a quaint dance hall number gone mad, silly dance moves included. »

11: Saint Michel ‘Katherine’ (GILDAS Kitsuné Club Dub Night remix) – Could this Versailles combo produced by Alex Gopher follow in the footsteps of Air and Phoenix and achieve worldwide recognition? For now these sensitive souls remixed by Gildas take the autobahn to Hamburg.

12: Jupiter ‘Starlighter’ (JBAG remix)
 – Gildas and I have long been supporters of the Parisian duo… so JBAG weren’t going to turn down the occasion of remixing our favourite track off their album. Reminds me of Swing Out Sister each time I play it.

13: Crayon ‘Cosma; (PYRAMID remix)
 – Two Kitsuné artists befriend each other and decide to produce an EP together where each provides his own version of the same track. Pyramid wins this time, but only just…

14: KAMP! ;Distance of the Modern Hearts
’ – Kamp! is one unstoppable Polish band. Few manage to convey such tasteful melodies to as much genuine brilliance.

15: Hot Chip ;How Do You Do; (TODD TERJE remix)
 – Gildas first put me onto Todd Terje some years ago, and boy the Norwegian’s done good since. He’s currently riding that house tide better than anyone else.

16: Two Door Cinema Club ‘Next Year’ (JBAG remix) -Two Door Cinema Club go tropical! We had to come up with new chords to back up the vocals and get the song to work on the dancefloor. According to Gildas this remix encapsulates better than any other this new Soleil mix’s spirit.

17: D E N A Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools (LOU TETI remix)- Bulgarian singer-songwriter – and more – based in Berlin, Denitza Todorova brings her own perspective to hip-pop. Her YouTube smash (released on Kitsuné) gets brushed up here by New York’s Lou Teti who does wonders by giving it a punk-funk lick complete with live bass and guitar…

18: Sean Bones ‘United; (PHONE TAG remix)
 – Another sick Kitsuné finding from America. Ravin’ at 106 BPM like Happy Mondays remixed by Belgians, this track’s in a league of its own and had to go in.

19: YELLE ‘L’Amour Parfait; (Instrumental)
 – Strangely, this down-tempo groover co-produced with Aeroplane resonates even deeper in its instrumental form.

20: Alan Braxe ‘One More Chance; (with THE SPIMES)
 – As Daft Punk make a blinding come back, buddy Alan Braxe drops his best single since ‘Rubicon’. A moving finale that leaves the book open…

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.