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Yuksek and The Magician are set to team up again under the much-loved moniker, Peter & The Magician with a new EP ‘On My Brain’ out on Yuksek’s label Partyfine today.

Upon first listen, there’s no doubt this comeback release to 2011’s ‘Twist’ contains all the elements necessary for instant cult success. The title track ‘On My Brain’ is a nineties-inspired delight, complete with echo effect vocals, boppy bass hooks and a soaring mid-track crescendo.

Also included is an on-trend dub edit of ‘On My Brain’ plus a collaboration ‘Peter Pan’ with JD Samson of La Tigre fame. Peter Pan brings a sombre edge to the otherwise up-tempo EP and features the kind of unusual samples and colourful pops that first got us excited about Yuksek all those years ago.

So teetering on the brink of another predicted EP smash, we sat down with one half of Peter & The Magician, Yuksek to discuss his new label outfit Partyfine, potential studio fires, and what the name ‘Yuksek’ actually means.

HBF: I’ve always wondered: why the name Yuksek, does it have a hidden meaning?

No, I just wanted a name that doesn’t mean anything, but later someone told me it means « high » in Turkish.

HBF: Give us five words that best describe Peter & The Magician?

It’s a mixture of our common or cross influences with Stephen, disco, house, pop, indie, electro…

HBF: You’ve just started your own label – what’s the concept behind it? Will it only be collaborations with yourself?

No, I’m also signing new artists, we have Le Crayon and Getaroom finishing ep’s at the moment, other exciting things and of course some new collaborations I did.

HBF: So who else can expect to see collaborating with you the coming months?

That’s a surprise!

HBF: You’ve made two albums; one mainly electronic, and the other more indie – what’s next, have you started thinking about the next album?

Slowly yes, but I want to think about it before starting, I think I will not work alone on this one.

HBF: What are the chances of yourself and Brodinski making music again under the Krays alias?

We never know! We would love to but we’ve been very busy over the last few years and we don’t live in the same city anymore, we are friends so anything can happen.

HBF: If your studio was on fire and you could go back and save one thing what would it be and why?

One is impossible, I would say Memorymoog, Arp Odyssey and Jupiter 8, the best synths ever produced.

HBF: Who should we be keeping an ear out for from you local scene?

Lots of people are making great stuff! My studio mate ALB is releasing is second album later this year and The Shoes are working on new stuff as well.

HBF: You’ve just finished producing Juveniles – any plans to produce anyone else?

I produced a track for JD Samson, for Mausi and I’m helping the new label’s artists to finish their tracks.

HBF: Tell us a secret about yourself that nobody knows?

I’ve got two left feet.

– Partyfine Gigs w/Yuksek

June 21st: Velvet Speakeasy, Montreal
June 22nd: Full Moon Festival, New York
June 22nd: Afterparty @ Drom, New York
June 29th: Le Binki, Toulouse, France
July 5th: Loft @ Razzmatazz, Barcelona
July 6th: Magnolia, Milan, Italy
July 8th: Calvi On The Rocks, France
July 11th: Electric Circus, Adelaide
July 12th: Oh Hello!, Brisbane
July 13th: Villa, Perth
July 18th: New Guernica, Melbourne,
July 19th: Elsewhere, Gold Coast
July 20th: Chinese Laundry, Gold Coast
July 27th: Emmaboda Fest, Sweden

Interview by Andrew Rafter

Charlotte Lucy Cijffers

is a freelance writer and founder of music blog Chase The Compass. An Australian export turned loyal Londonist, Charlotte enjoys all things Techno, House and Disco and knows the whole dance to ‘Thriller.’ When she’s not listening to or writing about music, she can be found researching her next travel destination, awkwardly leaning in photographs or nursing her peanut butter addiction.