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French duo Bot’Ox, Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffas, released the third EP from their new album ‘San Dormir’ this week, which is the follow up to 2010’s ‘Babylon By Car’.

‘The Face of Another’ follows hot on the heels of ‘Basement Love’ and ‘2.4.1’ and sees the Parisian duo rekindle their vocal collaboration with Ann Jean, who featured on 2010’s hit ‘Blue Steel’.

‘The Face of Another’ sees the Parisian duo showcase several facets to their moody productions. It starts like a haunting homage to a long-lost Blade Runner movie soundtrack, then turns into a moody disco-pop song with the help of Anna Jean on vocals, before finishing up as an epic rock track by the halfway mark.

The single also comes with a stunning animated video by French graphic designer Floakim Lucas, and is flanked by remixes from House legend Tevo Howard, Barcelona-based, and HBF favourite, Golden Bug, London producer Raudive, German duo Tuff City Kids and Helsinki band K-X-P.

We managed to grab 10 minutes with Cosmo and Julien as part of our Introducing interview series, we asked them about their name, what collaborators feature on their new album and we find out a secret out about Julien that nobody knows.

HBF: Tell us your names and where you are from?

We are Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz from Paris, France.

HBF: Give us 5 words that best describe Bot’Ox?

Studio, Soccer talk, Shitty jokes, 5-hour lasting sandwiches and sparkling water.

HBF You’re about to release the follow-up to ‘Babylon By Car’ – what can expect from the new album?

It’s quite a bit different; this time almost all the tracks will be sung and it’s more rock-ish, as the tracks were primarily made to be played by a live band as well.

HBF: Tell us a little bit about your new single that’s came out this week?

It’s called “The Face of Another” and we are really happy to have Anna Jean back with us (she sung on Blue Steel on our 1st album) and the track is quite different from what we’ve done before, more “pop” and a bit “epic”. There’s also 5 remixes from K-X-P, Raudive, Tevo Howards, Tuff City Kids and Golden Bug.

HBF: The name Bot’Ox might be understood to reference plastic surgery – was this the case, or just a happy coincidence?

We wanted to use a name which is symptomatic of the weird side of our modern society, and it’s pretty strange to have toxic shots in the face, right?

HBF: You’re part of the I’m Cliché Family – who should we be looking out for from the extended family?

We have an album of Red Axes coming which we are quite excited about. And a nice EP from an English band called “In Fields”. We also run the I’m A Cliché edit service website, which provides an free edit every two weeks.

HBF: You’re both from France – does this put extra pressure on you musically when you’re inevitably compared to Justice or Daft Punk? Is being French a help or a hindrance musically?

Thankfully, nobody has ever compared us to Justice or Daft Punk, haha. No, we don’t think being French changes anything to be honest, we think we could easily have come from Germany or England. Actually, no, sorry, not England, haha.

HBF If you could choose one film for ‘Babylon By Car’ to soundtrack what would it be and why?

Why not a Giallo? Like Elio Petri’s Indigne su un cittadino do ogni sospetto…Though the original Morricone’s music is awesome, of course

HBF: There were a few collaborations on your last album – can we expect the same this time around?

We mainly worked with the same people, as it’s hard to have a productive work relationship with some people – so once you’ve found the right people to work with it’s a pity not to keep them on board. Basically, except for the collaboration with Kim Fowley, they’re the same people: Mark Kerr, Judy Nylon, Anna Jean and Foremost Poet.

HBF: Tell us a secret about yourselves that nobody else knows?

Julien smokes weed.

Check out the full release below.




Andrew Rafter

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