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Native Instruments announced today the release of their new iPad app Traktor DJ bringing the leading pro DJ software to iOS for the first time.

Traktor DJ brings the leading pro DJ software to iOS with an intuitive app for instant, high-impact DJ sets. Create mixes in seconds – put your hands directly on beautiful waveforms and manipulate them using gestures you already know.

Auto tempo detection makes track syncing effortless while iTunes integration turns your library into a virtual crate to dig through – Traktor Pro’s acclaimed sync engine keeps tracks locked together so mixes hit hard. Traktor DJ also syncs effortlessly to Traktor Pro 2, allowing you to share essential track data – beat grids, BPM counts, and cue points.

Freeze And Slice

Intuitively manipulate waveforms with familiar swipe and pinch gestures. Look inside your music with waveforms that display energy levels, breakdowns, and basslines. Grab the waveform with two fingers and set a loop with a simple two-finger gesture, and punch out with a quick two-finger tap.

Activate Freeze Mode to slice a track into playable parts and remix it on the fly. Set cue points, scrub, browse and navigate Traktor DJ just like you would with Traktor – with the touch of your finger.

Pro All-in-one

Create stunning, professional mixes from a single intuitive interface with Traktor DJ’s 2-channel mixer and two fully-featured virtual decks – each with dedicated 3-band EQ and filter sections.

Eight professional DJ effects add powerful options for breakdowns, buildups and seamless transitions. Traktor DJ also recommends songs in your iTunes library based on the tempo and key of the tracks you’re playing, ensuring the smoothest transitions possible.

From Start To Stage

Created by the same company that revolutionized digital DJing, Traktor DJ strikes a perfect balance – completely easy to use, but powerful enough to be a mobile DJ solution for even the biggest DJs. Use the Notification Center to access tips, techniques and undiscovered features smoothly from within the app.

Connect Traktor DJ to Traktor Pro 2 on your computer. Add up to eight cue points to newly imported tracks, and fine-tune beat grids and BPM count, then sync simply and easily via Dropbox. Everything you do syncs perfectly with Traktor Pro 2 and vice versa.

Monitor and Cue

Cue, pre-listen and set up your next track – Traktor DJ lets you monitor each deck independently of the main outputs.

Just use a simple headphone splitter cable. Or turn your iPad into a pro DJ rig – use the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit to connect either Traktor Audio 6 or Traktor Audio 10.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.