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Yuksek is back on a 2013 remix tip with his delightful rendition of Kasper Bjørke’s ‘Sunrise’, over the last couple of years it’s fair to say Yuksek has mellowed his electro side, and while that might not satisfy some everything post-banger has been of such a high level you can’t really hold it against him.

His latest remix is all bright lights and neon synths, a bouncy disco hoe-down with acid twists mingling with the playful piano line, add in Jacob Bellens’ summery vocal contribution, who we might add sounds a bit like a charismatic Damon Albarn, and you’ve got a great remix.

And if you’re looking for something with a bit more punchy pyschedelia then we’ll gladly point you in the direction of the dub remix.

Out now.

While we’re talking electro, the fine folks at Playground will be hosting a French Electro themed event on the March 28 at KOKO in Camden, featuring Vitalic Live, Yuksek, Etienne De Crecy, Kamp Bambino, Goose, Dragonette and Blende.

Tickets can be bought here. http://bit.ly/VKCeVP


Andrew Rafter

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