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We were lucky enough to get 5 minutes with one of France’s most reverred electronic musicians Vitalic. We spoke to him about his new album ‘Rave Age’, what the concept of the album was, and what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a musician.

His third studio album is one of his most mature and accomplished albums to date, with a slew of guest vocals and a range of sonic styles from soundscapes to unrelenting techno and electro.

HBF: What was the concept behind your new album ‘Rave Age’? Did you want to do something different or do you feel it is a natural progression from Flashmob?

I think it’s a natural progression. I dont want to repeat myself. Flashmob was right for its time, but as you’d expect my needs changed over the last 3 years. I wanted to explore some different soundscapes, so the main concept behind ‘Rave Age’ was mainly about mixing harder, ravy stuff with disco flavours – but in more traditional song formats.

HBF: You have selected quite a few guest vocals – how did they come about? Did you choose them?

Of course I choose them. I picked them up because I really like their work and their voices. Joe Reeve, has this English accent I really like and fits really well in pop songs. Also, I have been touring for along time with Mickael from Goose. And Owlle is a new french singer who will certainly have some success because her voice is really pristine and tight.

HBF: In parts of ‘Rave Age’ you can hear more soundscapes – did your recent OST for The legend of Kaspar Hauser influence the direction of your new album?

Not really. I always make both harder stuff and soundscapes. It’s true on ‘OK Cowboy’ and ‘Flashmob’, but I don’t see the point of making 12 songs that are all the same. Without pretending to tell a story throughout the album, I needed to approach different moods and it just came out like that during the process of making this LP.

HBF: Since your last album, dance music has become even bigger – do you think this has, and will, open more doors for you in the future?

I think it really depends on the musician and his type of music. It’s true its’ bigger, but it’s mostly bigger in the trance and dubstep side of electro. But I think the rest remains quite underground to be honest.

HBF: Are there any plans to release La Leggenda Di Kaspar Hause? If so when?

Unfortunately, I dont think so. Devide Manulli, the director, plans to release the DVD of the movie, with an audio CD in tha pack, that will include some of the tracks but it won’t include the whole score.

HBF: ‘Poison lips’ was recently used in the latest Dredd movie – how did this come about? Are you a big fan of comics and the Movie?

In fact I’m not much of a fan of comics and still I haven’t been to see the movie. They just asked to use the track, and I agreed – then they sent me the scene so I could check it out. The scene was actually really good.

HBF: If you weren’t a DJ what would you be and why?

I’d have a restaurant. It would be one of those places where you can wanna stay for 3 hours eating and drinking, with people dancing around.

HBF: You’ve devised a new live show – what’s different about this one compared to Mirrors? What can we expect from the new show?

VTLZR is a bigger show with a more powerful lighting, with new lighting epuipment and pushing the boundaries of synchronization. Also, this time, I will be touring with a keyboard player and a drummer who really enjoy playing music live. In the smaller venues, I will come with the band only. Its quite difficult to explain the whole thing, but you must come and see it, to really get it!

HBF: Is it important for you to able to play live as well as DJ? Which do you prefer?

I love prefer playing live. But DJing is also a lot of fun and a lot more relaxing.

HBF: Tell us about your studio, what sort of hardware/software do you mainly work with? What machines would you consider the best part of your kit?

I use Ableton Live, controllers etc. On this album I used the Mopho DSI and Novation Ultranova, Korg mini synths, Nord stuff like that, but I think the Nova synth is my favourite piece of hardware, its has been my favourite for over 10 years, they’re really special.

HBF: If your studio was on fire and you go in and save one thing what would it be and why?

I’d take my hard drives as I can rebuy all the rest. And my Nova if I had the time. But I don’t think that this will happen!

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Vitalic is playing his first London date on November 3, at Fire – tickets can be purchased here.

‘Rave Age’ is out November 5 via Different Recordings.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.