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Punks Jump Up & Dubka ‘Feels Good’ (feat. Saint Saviour) (Moonlight Matters Dub) Free Download

Our good friends at Discobelle have just premiered Moonlight Matters’ remix of Punks Jump Up’s and Dubka’s lastest slice of disco – and we couldn’t help ourselves but poach it from them.

The song is probably not what you’re expecting, sounding like Abba on bath salts. But it’s very typical of PJU: if there’s a duo that’s harder to pin down than them, we’ve yet to hear them. One week it’s industrial acid the next Chromeo-backed funk. It’s almost as if the duo takes turns at making music.

To add even more complexity to the situation the track has been made alongside Martin Dubka and features vocals from Saint Saviour – and just to confused you a little further its been remixed by Moonlight Matters.

Basically it’s been passed round like a reefa at a hipster’s party. It’s destined to either be really confusing or amazing – thankfully it’s the latter. You can grab the Moonlighter Matters dub below and lookout for more previews of the original and Mighty Mouse remix over the coming weeks, running up to the release on November 5 via Kitsune.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.