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A.N.D.Y is the new artist name for Andy Faisca who is one half of Mustang. Like any other disco duo from Belgium, Mustang have gone their separate ways – with Andy and Renaud now flying solo.

We’re positive about the split, it certainly hasn’t been a bad thing for Aeroplane, as we now have two artists making amazing music. The same can be said about Villa with Seba going solo creating HBF favourite Moonlight Matters. So, to this end we now have A.N.D.Y and ATTAR! – so it’s win win situation in our eye’s.

Check out his first ever mixtape which includes a couple of remixes he has prepped for the next couple of months – first of all there’s a remix for the Supermen Lovers new single ‘Say No More’ and he’s also done a remix for Philosophy of Sound’s ‘Freedom, What For’.

1. Neighbour : You can do it
2. Jus’ Bros. : The Thrugh
3. Russian Adults : Don’t panic Dancing
4. Larse : So Long
5. The Supermen Lovers : Say no More (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
6. Tad Wily : Garage Love
7. Lazaro Casanova : DeLoreans Groove (LC Dub)
8. Jean Nipon : Girl Complex
9. Philosophy of Sound : Freedom, what for ? (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
10. Moonbootica : Iconic (Lorenz Rhode Remix)


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.