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Shake Aletti will be giving away a new single on their Facebook with remixes from Mighty Mouse, Bxcentric and Aletti.

Check out the original, Mighty Mouse, Bxcentric and Aletti remixes below – and keep an eye out on their Facebook page for the free downloads.

From early impressions the vocal just doesn’t do it for us, it’s just a bit bland and boring – maybe it will grow on us – or we’ll start a campaign to have the tracks as dubs (probably the latter).

Shake Aletti ‘Lights & Sparks’ Release Timline-

Friday 3rd February – Mighty Mouse Remix
Friday 10th February – Bxentric Remix
Friday 17th February – Original Track
Friday 24th February – Shake Aletti’s 808 Remix
Friday 2nd March – Whole EP Package


Andrew Rafter

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