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When Lana Del Rey performed on the infamous Jools Holland show a couple of weeks ago it was a bit of a failure. Sure, she looked amazing, how could she not? But, her performance and voice just didn’t standup to the expectations and hype that had surrounded her. Now, we’re willing to look past this, it was probably more a case she wasn’t ready for such a performance and the only people to blame would be the over eager PR team. It was a risk and unfortunately it failed.

As you could imagine, the mainstream media took its obligatory pound of meat, declaring the Lana Del Rey as some sort of pop fraud and the product of over-engineered hype and PR tomfoolery. Well, we’d have to agree the performance wasn’t brilliant, but it was probably more down to the nerves of such an occasion, than the lack of any real talent – well, that’s at least what we’re hoping it was.

Anyway, the hype machine is likely to come full circle again with the stunning official remix of her b-side ‘Blue Jeans’. It comes from our good friends Club Clique, who are the only act to be asked to do official remixes of both tracks, and in the process, beat off stiff competition from the the likes of Joy Orbison, Mr Fingers and Jamie Woon for the most popular remix.

They obviously felt quite strongly that the backlash towards her was a little unfair, and quite rightly said: “As a reaction to all the online criticism of Lana for not being ‘authentic’, every sound on this remix apart from Lana’s voice is completely synthetic. Great pop music isn’t about being ‘real’, the best acts reach for something bigger, better and more glamorous than the everyday. This po-faced stance betrays a lack of imagination and a loathing of creativity. David Bowie wasn’t actually from Mars, but it doesn’t make his music any less awesome”. And they’re so right, everything in Pop is stage-managed, curated and marketed for better or worse.

From the start of their ‘Blue Jeans’ remix you’re in a more familiar setting of the 80’s disco than their previous etheral remixes. The tempo is given a much needed shot in the arm, the pop impact is greater with use of pulsating drums, liberal use of swashbuckling violins and some incredibly catchy vocals. The skill, care and attention shown off in this remix is quite amazing for a couple of producers who are only really taking their first few steps in the world of blogosphere remixing. If this doesn’t go number 1 on Hype Machine we’d be very surprised indeed.

Club Clique, alongside Now Wave, are hosting the main man himself Aeroplane this weekend in Manchester for a full-on Bonfire extravaganza, so be there or be a disco square. Details can be found here.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Club Clique ‘Nothing Is Real’ Remix) by Club Clique

Download here.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.