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EWE is the new moniker of Louis La Roche who we’re sure you’ll know from his classy french touch productions.

Well he’s starting a new side-project and it treads a completely different path. It’s not the usual dubstep sound, but you can hear the similarities with dubstep cross over act Feed Me.

It’s really well crafted and draws on a broad church of influences from everything from big beat to electro and dubstep to broken beat. It’s quite a melting pot of influences. But on the whole it works very well.

Check out three clips below and let us know what you think of the new direction. Is it a cynical move to a more popular genre or a welcomed change to the over-the-top bro-step?

EWE – How We Became Us EP PREVIEW – released 10/09/11 by louislaroche

Released 10/09/11 for free download.


01 – Lingo
02 – Cleveland Steamer
03 – Drum Plate


Andrew Rafter

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