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The Supermen Lovers are….well we’re not entirely sure, one thing we do know he’s from Paris. He has a new EP out soon called ‘Foundation Disco’ its mantra is to ‘Keep The Funk Alive’  but it’s not a soppy look back, this man is dragging Funk kicking and screaming into a new, darker, more thumping, club-friendly territory – this is something we whole heartedly support.

The best way to describe his “sound” would be a menage au trois with Arnaud Rebotini, SebastiAn and Breakbot (only really Breakbot because the vocal says “funk” a lot).

The first track is called ‘Keep The Funk Alive’ and is best descibed as SebastiAn having a fight with Breakbot over who can have Arnaud’s last malteser. SebastiAn wins. Obviously. It’s a synth-driven retro-futuriste gem featuring former Chic singer Norma Jean Wright at the vocals.

Keep the funk alive by The Supermen Lovers

The b-side is more suitably immense French electronica – it’s a more upfront take on french house, with wild stabs and crazy arrangements, but when it drops it morphs into a 21st century piece of filtered french house – with a lovely sprinkle of Siriusmo-madness throughout. After a couple of listens. We were in love.

Eagle Shadow by The Supermen Lovers

The remixes come via In Flagranti; who goes for the experiment disco version – and it totally works. Chloe; who goes for a techno vibe and makes a great functional slab of chugging techno. But, CityZen steals the show with their remix. Which is a brooding piece melodic artistry. Sublime.

Keep The Funk Alive (Cityzen Remix) by The Supermen Lovers

HBF Rating 8/10

You can buy all this greatness when the EP goes on sale 11.7.2011 via Lafessé records & La Tebwa.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.