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Not content with owning the nu-disco world with their DJ’ing and productions, Mighty Mouse are making the difficult transition into band mode with new live material and a new member – female vocalist Natalie Lewis.

There aren’t many DJ’s that make this transition and come out the other end even better, we can think of a handful Groove Armada and Hybrid. Well, Mighty Mouse can be and should be mentioned in the same breathe.

They’ve always been staunch supporters of giving away freebies and today is their best yet –  they are giving away ‘Between The Pavement And The Stars’.

It showcases their slightly new style, but don’t worry it’s not a major transformation, it’s the same psychedelic over-the-top disco; so you can expect to hear loads of analog basslines, disco synths, but it’s now all brought together with the lovely soulful vocalist Natalie Lewis who adds her own little bit of magic.

They’re promising some stellar remixes too from Mario Basanov, Edwin Van Cleef, Blamma! Blamma!, Cosmonauts and Tronik Youth. They’ll be out and about at the end of May. Futhermore, their next EP is due out in June.

Mighty Mouse ‘Between the Pavement and the Stars’ by Mighty Mouse

Download here.

And to make today even more special they have given us a double surprise with their Mousecast 4 the R.O.E edition, which stands for remixes, originals and edits.

It consists of tracks that have been made, remixed or edited in their secret mouse-cave. We’re thinking to repay them for this disco goodness we’ll be sending them a special hamper of cheese’s.

MOUSECAST 04 – Mighty Mouse MIXTAPE ‘Remixes, Edits and Originals’ (Part 2) by Mighty Mouse

Download here.

1. Sudha ‘Leche’ (Mighty Mouse Disco Revolution Remix)
2. Bent ‘Swollen’ (Mighty Mouse Vocal Remix)
3. Robbie Williams ‘Last Days Of Disco’ (Mighty Mouse Instrumental)
4. Little Boot’s ‘Earthquake’ (Mighty Mouse Bootiful Vocal Remix)
5. John & Jehn ‘Looking For You’ (Mighty Mouse NYC Sensations Remix)
6. Mighty Mouse ‘Song For Ellen’ (Graz Edit)
7. ABBA ‘Midnight Mouse’ (Mighty Mouse Not So Official Edit Type Thingy)
8. Northend ‘Happy Days’ (Mighty Mouse Not So Official Edit Type Thingy)
9. Roy Davis Jnr ‘Rock Lights’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
10. The Glamour ‘Robot Rock’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
11. Command V ‘Lost On Me’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
12. Performance ‘The Living’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
13. Luke Million ‘Italo Journey’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
14. Mighty Mouse ‘Junglefish’
15. Fenech-Solar ‘Stop and Stare’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
16. Mighty Mouse ‘The Beast’
17. Shades of Rhythm ‘Sweet Sensation’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)



Andrew Rafter

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