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Tyson has literally knocked out the electronic world with one his infamous left hooks, a musical punch that is so full of disco venom and intent, you know when it hits you – you’re going to feel it.

We are obviously talking about the new kid on the disco block, a man of mystery who is on a mission to try change what being a star is all about.

He exploded in the scene last year with his amazing disco pounder ‘Die On The Dancefloor’ and he has been stinging like a bee ever since.

He has an interesting mantra when approaching his productions “People forget how to be stars… I’m trying to bring back authentic analogue music that sounds real. I wanted to make something horrible and very, very nasty, so when people heard it they would say ‘urgh’ but in a good way”.

Well, he’s right in part, but we certainly don’t think it sounds ‘Urgh’ maybe ‘Urgh this is amazing how can someone be so good’.

His latest offering treads similar ground to his first, but just more, more aggressive, more amazingly over-the-top-vocals, and it just makes you want to dance like a butterfly while he stings you with his disco bee.

Check out his latest video for his new single, which marries the old-skool blondie videos with a smidge of Seal – they do not make videos like this anymore. And that’s a shame.

‘Out Of My Mind’, alongside remixes from The Swiss and Star Slinger are doomed to takeover the coolest dancefloors in the world and have been spinned on mixtapes and in sets by DJ’s glitterati; Aeroplane, Justice and Azari & III.

Tyson – Out Of My MInd [Star Slinger Remix] by PurplePR





Andrew Rafter

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