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Arthouse dutch dubstep pioneer Martyn is the next artist to grace the Oki-ni mix series, we have to take our hat off to Oki-ni, whoever is choosing the mixes has impeccable taste, we always look forward to friday and their latest musical offering.

The label boss of 3024, Martyn is somewhat of a living legend within dubstep and his career mirrors the success of the genre. This mix, however, is a move away from the music that made Martyn’s name and is instead a spontaneous collage of jazz, electro-pop and punk – as Martyn explains:

‘I do like spontaneously recorded moments, so I woke up, saw that here in the sleepy suburbs of Washington DC it was going to be a beautiful day, and decided to do a mix as if it were a spring afternoon radio show, with a few jingles and music from across the board that I love dearly.’

‘Contrary to my DJ gigs in clubs, I actually danced hard to these songs during the recording, and I found out there’s no shame in knowing all the lyrics to West End Girls. Hope you enjoy the music!’.

* Miles Davis / Tutu
* The Family / High Fashion
* Tom Tom Club / Shock the World
* Toro Y Moi / Causers of This
* Pet Shop Boys / West End Girls
* Games / Strawberry Skies
* Carl Craig / Goodbye World
* Das Ding / H.S.T.A.
* Paris Grey / Don’t Make me Jack
* Son of Sam / Nature makes a Mistake
* Austin Peralta / Renaissance Bubbles
* Caribou / Kaili
* Visage / The Damned don’t Cry
* Oppenheimer Analysis / The Devils Dancer
* Daphni / Ye Ye
* L.A. Synthesis / Agraphobia
* Nosaj Thing / IOIO
* Sheila E / Dear Michaelangelo

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.