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Mylo is a funny chap, he’s meant to have released his new album for the last 3 years, but time and time again we hear nothing, over the last 12 months we’ve had a slew of new remixes, but still no flipping album.

He sent a new track to Annie Mac in 2009 and the file was called ‘I’m Back’ and a few month later he did the mixmag cover CD, which was called ‘The Return Of Mylo’ – but lets face it he isn’t back, not properly, and the annoying things is every remix since then has been immense.

And today’s effort is no different, he’s remixed Swedish pop duo Niki & The Dove and their track ‘Gentle Roar’. You can now download the 12″ extended remix below. It seems that Mylo is loving the nu-disco revolution just the same as all of us and this is his most disco remix to date.

Niki & The Dove – Gentle Roar (Mylo Remix)


Download here.

And he did an amazing mini mix featuring 100 tracks in 5 minutes.

Mylo R1 Minimix Jan 2011 by mylo


Andrew Rafter

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