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Over the last couple of months, we were getting emails from the dudes over at Konbini, who make some of the finest web tv around, if you have been paying attention they also did the amazing Ed Banger seven mini documentary.

Well to our shame we ignored them to our peril, (mainly due to the terrible name) Mega Mystery Band, only to find out today that are favourite french producer Yuksek is behind it.

What we don’t know is in what capacity. Is it a band that he is producing? Or is it his latest single with a guest vocalist? Which has already been touted as Kele from the bloc.

There is some guff on the Youtube video “We are everywhere and nowhere at the same time, we are every artists, we are no one, we believe that music is stronger than fame. We want you to enjoy our music and maybe try to discover who is behind the Mega Mystery Band… Have fun!”.

We are putting our money on this is the first single from Yuksek’s new album, with ‘On A Train’ being the new single, and the album is made up of a load of collaborations. The rumour that his new album would have no vocals and would be dark esoteric electronic music was just a way of throwing people off.

It would explain why Yuksek was in Liverpool of all places to finish his new album. Why Liverpool? Unless he was there to record someone.

We have to say thanks to Last Gas Station who seem to have direct-line into all of this mystery, they have even told us that the single is out May 2nd with remixes from the Magician and Gucci Vump.

This as you can imagine is the most exciting news of the week. Watch the mock-umentary and fall in love with ‘On A Train’, it’s a piece of electro-pop that just captivates you from start to finish. Were already in love.


Mega Mystery Band: On A Train by La 3e heure!

Watch the whole 12 episode documentary at the konbini website.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.