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Its been a while since we’ve heard from Deluce, but not long enough for us to forget he is french and makes some sweet french house and disco.

Well, he has a new remix out on Dear Paris’ ‘Synchronize’ Ep – which he has given us permission to giveaway, the EP also features a remix from Ren Riz, who we haven’t feature for a long time too.

The both of them have done a tremendous job, Deluce’s is more arthouse, film-score synth disco, with a lovely edge, not your average piece of nu-disco, lots of clever noises, sweet basslines and a pretty solid vocal.

We’d hazard a guess the vocal would be from the original, not that we’ve listen to it. This has 80’s nostalgia written all over it, probably written with one of those giant red felt-tips, you know the ones people used a lot in the 80’s. Danny Baker were looking at you.

Grab it for free.

Golden (Deluce Remix) by Ðeluce

Download here.

Ren Riz’s treads similar ground, but is more laid back, more synths and a lot more happy go-lucky, to be honest there’s not a lot between the both in terms of quality, both amazing, except Ren’s is more a synth-pop vibe, and less french, this would be mainly because he from Australia. More Rex The Kangaroo if you will.

Dear Paris – Synchronise (Ren Riz Remix)


Download here.

Deluce also gave use permission to give away one of his originals too, just in case you’re wonder what he can get up to when he starts from a fresh, pretty epic we know. Hunt this dude down and socialise with him below, not in a weird way though. And Ren too.

Into a Cloud by Ðeluce

Download here.


Ren Riz | Facebook

Buy Link : http://dearparis.bandcamp.com/

Andrew Rafter

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