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When you get too many emails from around the world you start falling into the habit of judging people by their name, you shouldn’t, but it just happens. We do listen to 99% of the stuff we get sent, eventually, but our musical mood often controls our brain.

Todays artist is a case in point. JR Seaton. Just from his name we got intellectual, writer maybe, definitely not bangorz. And you know what it wasn’t bangers – the music was detailed, mature and well thought out – tempered with that cool aroma of just not trying too hard.

We were bang on the money. And we second guessed it as it was from Relish Recordings. A major player the house and nu-disco world. With heads like Headman leading the charge.

Now we’ve love to go on and on about these tracks, but to be honest we haven’t heard anything, all we’ve heard is what you have – treat this as the aperitif. All we can offer is a free gift from said Relish as we patiently await our full sandwich.

But rest assured the gift is good enough to get the musical juices going – expect a track that uses a Jupiter 4 and 808 to punch out a stripped House skeleton that blossoms halfway into gurgling piece of melodic disco drama.

Please continue to send these emails as they are a great source of entertainment.

JR Seaton – In Your Mask (Strip 4 Drumstix)


Download here.

Out March 11th

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.