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John Lord Fonda is someone who’s name didn’t ring any bells when it popped up in our inbox, what we did recognise were the words “Citizen Records” immediately we wanted to know more.

For those of you who aren’t in the Loop, Citizen Records, is the label from Vitalic – a pioneer of french electro and techno.

If you were to condense a lot of the earlier techno that Vitalic made you’d be some way to understanding Fonda’s sound – not boring or melodic; it full of crazy noises – just the sort of quirky french techno we can get on board with – a million miles away from the plodding streets of Detroit.

The giveaway track we’ve got for you today is a perfect example – pumping, distorted, french techno – with an electro edge – this is just the sort of track V-man himself would drop in a DJ set. Oh and you can grab it for free.

John Lord Fonda – Heaven’s on Fire (Major Minor Edit) by Major Minor

Download here.

Next up we have a stream of the extended lead track ‘Bang’ – more introvert, and less obvious at the beginning – but it’s not to be taken lightly – it gets you in the end. Even if he does take his time. Set your techno guns to stun.

1 – John Lord Fonda – Bang (Extended Version) by Citizen Records

Remixes come via Kazyo (from Teenage Bad Girl) who delivers a dancefloor epileptic killer version from all accounts – there’s a b-side too and a few more remixes but we haven’t heard them yet – so we can’t pass judgement. You get the twisted french techno drift though.

Pre-order iTunes here.

It’s out on Citizen Records March 7.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.