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Erol Alkan dropped a new track for Belgian 4-piece Goose on his website yesterday, Goose had quite a bit of success with electro rock vogue of 2006 – now they’re back with a new album, called ‘Synrise,’ which saw them condense their sound into something more akin to a young fresh-faced Soulwax, but with a indie pop lean.

Overall their new album is more mature bringing subtleties of disco and pop into the fray. We fired it up on Spotify and we were hooked straight away. Always seems to be the way with anything from Belgium at the mo.

Paul Chambers has taken their second single ‘Synrise’ down to techno land, with abrassive techno loops and dubby bass rumbles – but just about to keeps some of the original in their too, just though. The original is way better in our opinion, but it’s not club fodder – Chambers’ is.

Make sure you pick up a copy of Synrise – if you like Soulwax their new album is similar – if not on par. Bold words we know – but it’s a surprise package.

Synrise (Paul Chambers Remix) by Your Army

Download here.



Andrew Rafter

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