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Teenage Bad Girl’s latest EP dropped today and from the response we got when we posted a stream of it everyone loves it – and you’ll probably love it even more when we give you the Kartell remix as a little gift.

The EP comes fully loaded with 6 remixes – not including the Kartell verison.  The original has a lovely blend of smarter-than-average-electro and indie – it sounds similar to Vitalic in production terms – wouldn’t be surprised if he leant a hand – seen as it’s being releease on his label – it’s sweet. Don’t take my word for it listen to it all.

1 – Teenage Bad Girl – Keep Up With You (Original mix) by Citizen Records

Lifelike are first on hand for the remixing duties – a more subtle affair – but with a happier set of synths – probably the one for disco mixes.

2 – Teenage Bad Girl – Keep Up With You (Lifelike remix) by Citizen Records

Next up we have the Louis La Roche remix – a more introvert start with lots of swirling synths and squelchy bass – subtle but intelligent – an early favourite of ours.

3 – Teenage Bad Girl – Keep Up With You (Louis La Roche Remix) by Citizen Records

Unknown to us Huoratron is on hand to give the EP some proper banging beep and bleeps – exactly the sort of tune the 2 Many DJ’s would play – weird and wonderful – and an effects magician’s wet-dream.

4 – Teenage Bad Girl – Keep Up With You (Huoratron remix) by Citizen Records

Depressed Buttons decide to take it down the big-roon electro route – not a million miles away from the wonky electro BeatauCue have been peddling quite successfully for a while now.

5 – Teenage Bad Girl – Keep Up With You (Depressed Buttons remix) by Citizen Records

And not to be out done by himself – Louis La Roche has another stab at it with Distortion – a lovely funk induced electro remix – La Roche would seem to have nabbed top spot for both of his remixes.

6 – Teenage Bad Girl – Keep Up With You (Louis La Roche Disco vs Distorsion remix) by Citizen Records

All in all a stellar package from Teenage Bad Girl – every track is well worth a listen and purchase – we look forward to more Teenage Bad Girl in the future.

HBF Rating 8/10

Teenage Bad Girl – Keep Up With You – Kartell Remix


Download here.

Buy here (UK) http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/keep-up-with-you-bonus-track/id416919475

Buy here (FR) http://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/keep-up-with-you-bonus-track/id416919475

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