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Electro is in an interesting flux at the moment – we’ve got our friends over the pond who love it hard, hard like a musical viagra – Aoki is case in point – loves to play hard bangers. Loves it too much really.

Then we have our european bangers, they tend to be a bit more thoughtful and without being too mean, they’re better. Maybe it’s their ability to show restraint that see’s them top the banger list.

Some guy on soundcloud got it in one: “It’s so hard to come across electro that portrays any emotion other than horror or anger.”

F.O.O.L are from Sweden and seem to have this ability – electro but not taken so far it begins to annoy.

They are giving away a free 8-track EP, and to be honest we had never heard them before, possibly seen the name but never sampled their bangers. We’re glad we did. It’s eight tracks of electronic goodness, messy, distorted and catchy – with a measure of restraint shown throughout – so we put the gun down and decided not to shoot ourself in the head, which as every music blogger knows this is a good sign.

First off, we have the Autolaser remix of ‘Dark Cyan Night’ overall a lovely driving piece of electro – throw in a couple off beat stutters and it holds you from start to finish.

F.O.O.L – Dark Cyan Night (Autolaser Remix)


Download here.

Next, we have the original,  which is a bit more emotive  – we do love the main hook synth, very tron-like, immediately we conjour up images of that spooky character Danger. Never a bad thing when he pops in our head.

F.O.O.L – Dark Cyan Night


Download here.

Redial takes ‘Dark Cyan Night’ up another notch with more soulwax/indie electro tip – a good effort, you’re sure to find a version that suits your taste.

F.O.O.L – Dark Cyan Night (Redial Remix)


Download here.

Following on, comes ‘To Japan And Never Back Down’ the Dead Cat Bounce remix, it’s a interesting combination of electronic punch and emotive piano work – really caught our ear.

F.O.O.L – To Japan And Never Back Down (Dead Cat Bounce Remix)


Download here.

Ishivu takes ‘To Japan And Never Back Down’ in slightly different route, with oozing bass and cotton-soft synth work – then the break down cuts and struts to a great beat.

F.O.O.L – To Japan And Never Back (Ishivu Remix)


Download here.

Now comes the real meat – not sure why we reviewed in this order as the next three are probably the main course in all honesty. But it’s the way they came so we’ll stick with it.

‘To Japan And Never Back Down’ is the rib-eye steak of bangers – proper premium stuff. It comes in three parts and is one giant electro roller-coaster – we’d call it Dare To Bang.

And in actual fact it really does rise above the rest – everything achieved in the previous tracks are condensed and purified into 3 perfectly formed pieces of electro.

Part 1 is the intro – an aperitif, something to hook you in, call it the queue before the ride.

F.O.O.L – To Japan And Never Back 1


Download here.

Part 2  is the ascent that all good rides need to have – it heightens expectations, without ever blowing its load, well just about.

F.O.O.L – To Japan And Never Back 2


Download here.

Part 3 starts off emotive – but then sets about rampaging throughout your head. Your on the ride and enjoying every minute of it. We’re not entirely sure about the vocal – it doesn’t last long. So all is not lost.

F.O.O.L – To Japan And Never Back 3


Download here.

All in all you can’t go wrong with any of the tracks and they’re all free – so fill your sandwiches with premium Swedish bangers.

HBF Rating 8.5/10


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.