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Italian unknows to us, Arcade Discoforgia, sent us a track on twitter and were glad they did acid disco breaks – if you like pigeon holes – just the sort of brash track you could imagine 2 many Dj’s playing.

It starts of with a lovely 80’s vibe and then as it goes on it gets progressively harder – almost out of nowhere is morphs into some big room breaks, suddenly we were transported to a dancefloor, eyes closed, being taken over by the track. We really like it.

Sleigh Bells – Run The Heart (DISCOFORGIA Remix) by Arcade Z

Download here.

Another track that takes this form of disco/breaks further is their remix of The Ting Tings ‘Hand’ a crazy combination of playful breaks and disco elements – shouldn’t work, but does – who’d a thought.

The Ting Tings – Hands (DISCOFORGIA Remix) by Arcade Z

Download here.


Andrew Rafter

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