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I’m sure there are many re-edits of Boney M’s ‘Daddy Cool’ it’s certainly one of those tracks that transcends the ages – everyone just loves ‘Daddy Cool’ and what’s not to like.

So when someone offers you a remix an eye-brow is raised almost immediately, well step forward Roger Sanchez’s protege Chris Moody and his partner in crime DJ Riz – they’v take a gamble, but it’s paid dividends with a tank slapping french touch remix. Not too bad at all – no wonder why the Swedish Cheese Mafia and Tiesto are all over this dude.

Moody explains how it came about”Riz and I have been friends for a long time so we decided a few years ago to produce some Disco-House records.  Riz happened to be at a lounge one night in NYC and heard a DJ play Daddy Cool. He was shocked he was playing it and that’s when the light bulb went off.

I was sold on the record as soon as I heard it, so we hit my studio and made it happen. We were also amazed how crazy Boney M was back in their prime and became instant fans.  We had “Daddy Cool” finished for a year and had plans on releasing the record in June, but unfortunately Bobby Farrell of Boney M passed away in December so out of respect we wanted to release it now.

We loved how the track turned out and knew that we had to have a killer video to go with it.  I asked a friend of mine to put together something that would really show the spirit of Boney M.  We loved the initial cut, and were completely unaware, until a few days later, that the footage was taken from Roger Sanchez’s “Turn On The Music” video.  Surprisingly enough, Roger had hired Bobby to appear in the video a few years back, so we used the footage to tip our caps to both Roger and Boney M.

Grab it below and dance around until you feel that the daddy of cool. Or not as the case maybe.

Download here.

Chris Moody & Dj Riz – Daddy Cool by Djchrismoody


Andrew Rafter

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