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Blue Satellite is the moniker of young producer Philip Schwan, a producer very much from the computer game generation, his tracks are all jam-packed full of 16-bit beeps, bleeps and funky electro – there’s a hell of a lot going on in these tracks, but they are catchy as hell – imagine Yuksek brought up on heavy diet of Super Mario and Chic.

Phil began producing at the young age of 15-years-old, making rough recordings of his guitar, and releasing video game remixes under the alias ‘Tepid.’

After a couple years of messing around, Phil became serious about electronic music and switched his alias to Blue Satellite.  At the tender age of 18 some of his demos were noticed by an underground label, ’19Box Records’ who promptly signed whatever they could get their hands on.

We’ve got three tracks to giveaway from him, first of all we have an original ‘Paris’ – which is a lovely piece of sharp funky electro – not a million miles away from Shook but just a smidge harder. Throw in some 8-bit hooks and some gypsy accordions and the results are pretty stunning.

Blue Satellite – Paris (Extended Mix) by Big Dog Media

Download here.

Next up, we have his Muscle Hawk remix of ‘Set Yourself On Fire’ which seems to have sampled the iconic guitar hook from Shaft – as with Shaft, this is just too cool – the Frenchies have Breakbot and we have Blue Satellite – it really is that good. As a product of his surroundings, Blue Satellite is brought up in the concrete jungle of Birmingham, a difficult and sometimes imposing place to live – making his music just that little harder than Breakbot’s shaggy-dog aesthetics.

Muscle Hawk – Set Yourself On Fire (Blue Satellite Remix) by Big Dog Media

Download here.

And to finish this smorgasbord of brash, fun, electro funk is his remix of The Chystal Method’s ‘Come Back Clean’ a harder vocal-centric piece of electro – not a million miles away from his remix of Shinchi Osawa’s ‘Love Will Guide You’.

The Crystal Method – Come Back Clean (Blue Satellite Remix) by Big Dog Media

Download here.

We’re really excited by Blue Satellite – catchy as hell, just enough bang for you buck, and plenty of electro funk makes us think that Blue Satellite is certainly one to look out for in 2011 – and will remixes for Gemini Club planned and a new EP ‘Aurora’ – things are looking good from the man from the concrete jungle.

If you like the cut of this Brummy’s gib then check out his Soundcloud and other social links – there’s enough to keep you busy until next week. Happy hunting.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.