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Star Guitar are a new Belgium duo, who can only really be compared to a couple of acts, the first the Twelves and secondly Aeroplane – why I hear you ask? Well, first of all they are looking like the next act to be labelled as remixers du jour, similar to Aeroplane, and secondly they have a remixing style very much like The Twelves – taking tracks that aren’t dance tracks and bring them to the dance floor with skilful savvy production.

They’re part of the same French label Paranoiak, who look after the fantastic Irish Steph, who we just so happened to have featured a couple of days ago – they’ve sent over a collection of 11 tracks to giveaway, obviously Chirstmas has come early for HBF and its readers.

Just looking down the tracklist we knew we were in for a real treat – hell we got enough tracks to last us well into next week. So, we thought we’d do our largest giveaway ever – be sure to join Paranoiak’s social sites, as a gift of this size surely means they deserve more fans.

First of all, we’ll start with We Have Band’s “Oh!” – an unashamedly French sounding piece of indie electro – cue the vocoder and a punching beat – a perfect start for us to introduce you to Star Guitar.

We Have Band – Oh! (Star Guitar Remix)


Grab here.

Next up, we have their remix of French Horn Rebellion’s “This Moment” – still treads similar ground to the last, but more of a indie tip.

French Horn Rebellion – This Moment (Star Guitar Remix)


Grab here.

Following hot on the heels, comes our early favourite Florence And The Machine’s “You got The Love” which has been given the aggressive disco re-rub, a truly mesmerising piece of music.

Florence And The Machine – You Got The Love (Star Guitar Remix)


Grab here.

A curve ball next, they’ve taken Snoop Dogg’s “That Tree” into their remixes lair and they’ve come up trumps. An 8-bit dubstep workout – crammed full of old nintendo beeps and bleeps. Epic.

Snoop Dogg – That Tree (Star Guitar Remix)


Grab here.

And moving on, a fine remix of Pulpalicious’ “Dirty” which uses a classic rock vocal sample (answers in the comments section) the tracks looks to take a slightly different take in the Justice aesthetic – a combo of rock and electro. A real thumping workout.

Pulpalicious – Dirty (Star Guitar Remix)


Grab here.

Bassnectar’s “Cozzy Frenzy” is the next to get the Star Guitar treatment – a proper dubstep reboot – grimey and rough from star to finish.

Bassnectar – Cozzy Frenzy (Star Guitar Remix)


Grab here.

Arnaud’s Rebotini’s “The Swamp Waltz” gets a Vitalic-esque remix, by far their most aggressive remix.

Arnaud Rebotini – The Swamp Waltz (Star Guitar Remix)


Grab here.

They take it down a notch with a spacey remix of Caribou’s “Sun” it’s a lovely serene disco mix – with  thumping kicks and and snappy snares.

Caribou’s – Sun (Star Guitar Remix)


Grab here.

Birdy Nam Nam’s “Parachute” – gets a acid-tinged remix – this is a big-room peak-time monster – definitely one of our favourites.

Birdy Nam Nam – Parachute (Star Guitar Remix)


Grab here.

Band of the moment, XX are next up for the Star Guitar treatment – and the duo have made a lovely cryptic piece of indie electro – moody and psychedelic  – a winning combination if you ask us.

The XX – Crystallised


Grab here.

And to finish, their remixing prowess turns Phoenix’s massive track “Lisztomania” they’ve taken it down to the 80’s with some lovely bulging synths. Well worth a download.

Phoenix – Lisztomania


Grab here.

We can’t speak highly enough of Star Guitar, they really do have the midas touch when it comes to remixing. All the tracks are outstanding and that doesn’t happen ever in the music world, unless you’re really talented. So, they’re half way to being future stars, now we just need to hear some original pieces and then we’ll really know whether Star Guitar are going to be the next big thing in 2011 – we’re almost certain that they will.

HBF Rating 10/10

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