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So, we now know who has won best name of 2010 and it’s of course Black Tiger Sex Machine, a group of French touch impersonators from Montreal, call it Quebec touch if you will. It’s great music and their giving away their EP “Silky Bones” for free.  But there’s a catch, we have bestowed another award on them, the worst biography we’ve ever read. Instead of some useful information and what not – they have tarnished themselves with a crappy short story about something or another. Really not cool.

Thankfully they do make some delightfully funky beats, so all is not lost – but we don’t care for the story stuff at all.

It starts of as all EP’s do of this nature, with a nice teasing opening track, “Girl of Winter” begins with subtle percussion and catchy sample to get us of to a decent start.

It heads down the french touch route with stand-out track “Space Bordello” a proper thumping homage to French house. Moving on they introduce so latino/russian vibes into the mix with “Wodka” and just about pull it off.  Silly but fun. And to finish they unload “Majik”, a proper little funky number.

Grab the EP for free here, and if your really desperate to read this story then head over to their Soundcloud. Good Luck.

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Girls of Winter


Grab here.

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Space Bordello


Grab here.

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Wodka


Grab here.

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Majik


Grab here.


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