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Labyrinth Ear are synth-pop duo from London, consisting of Emily and Tom – they have caught the ear of the blogs over the last 6 months, and now they have caught our ear too. Their sound reminds us of other synth dude Little Loud, but with more emotion, flair and slightly more upbeat – and obviously a splendid female vocalist.

There’s a silky serenity to the music they make – Labyrinth Ear mark the start of winter,  not a winter of discontent, but a warm winter by an open fire listening to their infectious synth pop.

The EP starts off with the somber starting “Lithium”, but then almost out of nowhere it flexes its electronic muscles, seductive vocals combine with synths to make really catchy track – not a million miles away from early Goldfrapp.

Lithium by Labyrinth Ear

“‘White Gold” goes down the more languid introverted route – with a slower pace, combining more vocals with stabs of psychedelic strings and synths.

White Gold by Labyrinth Ear

“Snow White”oozes a darker disco perspective, low-slung bass collude with Emily’s voice to make a lovely piece of Chillwave/Disco.

Snow White by Labyrinth Ear

A curve ball comes in the form of “Navy Light” as it brings a fantastic summery hook for a full-sounding piece of electro pop. Probably our favourite track so far. Euphoric and serene in equal measure, definitely their most upbeat track.

Navy Light by Labyrinth Ear

“Wild Flowers” brings up the rear with a serene take on the Soulwax aesthetic. The middle section just stole our heart as soon as we heard it. Truly an amazing piece of music.

Wild Flowers by Labyrinth Ear

We totally get why this duo has been picking up praise from all over the place – a female vocalist that steals the show without ever trying to be the centre of attention. It’s sonically perfect and their music is like a winter-warmer for your ears.  We’ve got our eye on these two.

Download them all by clicking the down arrow on the right of each player.



Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.