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Reports from In the mix, Le Monde & The New York Times are all reporting that Paris’ nightlife scene is in seriously under threat, following years of the PC brigade imposing restrictions and noise complaints from local residents.

The situation has got so bad their has been petition setup by local promoters to try and remedy the situation.

“2009 was a very depressing year for Parisian clubbers,” mentions French nightlife enthusiast Claire Cavallini. Why would I go out paying € 15 for my drinks when I can smoke and drink cheaply with my friends at my house, and listen to some of my favorites tunes on Spotify or Deezer?”

“They think they are cleaning up the city but they’re actually killing its soul,” says Paris-based techno producer Master-H.

Apparently one of the main problems is the smoking ban which has forced people out into the street, and subsequently is creating too much noise and this has lead to complaints from local cheese-eating surrender-monkeys.

Check out the petition at www.quandlanuitmeurtensilence.com

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.