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Taking a much needed break from touring to concentrate on her next album, electro-pop La Roux aka Elly Jackson has revealed that she will going in a different direction and  will see Elly change her distinctive vocal style.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, she said: “The vocal style will be different I’ve changed the way I sing, not on purpose, it’s just happened” On single Bulletproof, she showed a different style to her usual shrill, choirboy style – something a bit less abrasive. Perhaps we can expect more in that style?

As for the sound, the ‘80s electro-pop style won’t define them: “The type of music I like now is completely different” she says. “I don’t listen to ’80s music anymore… obviously I still do, but not the same type of ’80s music anymore. I’m into a lot more Italo disco and old funk.”

“All of our focus is on the second album now. We’ve already started writing it. We’ve got this week together next week together… then two more weeks in April. We’re trying to bang it out at the moment.”

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.