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Man Power delivers the first release on his newly minted label Me Me Me – and it’s a cinematic deep-house masterpiece.

On the label’s name Geoff Kirkwood explains: “It stands to reason that if I’m calling my new label project Me Me Me, then I should be the one doing the talking. Deejaying has to contain a bit of selfishness, as it’s all about playing the music that you love, and other people listening. It’s a simple step to go from choosing the music in a club, to choosing music for a record label.

“There currently seems to be a movement of artists forming who are indefinable past the vague limits of their own persona and varied musical mores. I’d like to think I’m part of this movement, so this is my attempt at exploring that concept. I’m trying to work with people who also represent this new popularity in artistic freedom.”

‘Tachyon’, then, is a minimal electronic song, but there is a surprising adventure that is packed tightly within the experience. Man Power starts the journey out on a light note, but gradually adds energy, synths, and a strong classic house vibe.

Taking a quick look at Man Power’s other releases, it’s enjoyable and impressive to see the dynamism he packs into a deep house / tech house umbrella. Sounds are constantly changing, evolving, and there are surprises around every corner. Man Power is making a strong mark.

“It’s definitely a snapshot of where I’m at, hence the name,” explains Kirkwood. “But a DJ at his best has always been nothing more than a taste filter, and so Me Me Me is simply an expression of my tastes, and a platform for music by myself and the people I’ve been lucky enough to befriend over the years who share a similar disregard for any musical context.

“I’m a big believer of leaning in to criticism. I always like the fact that I think of better jokes about me than anybody else. It kind of makes you bulletproof. Something in my self deprecating north eastern English mentality makes me feel incredibly big headed for deciding to start my own label. Like who do I think I am? So it’s me embracing that I guess.”

Words by Chad Downs & Andrew Rafter

Man Power’s ‘Tachyon’ is out now on Me Me Me with a single remix from DJ Tennis.

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