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Los Massiera consists of Hugo Capablanca, Andrew Claristidge & Satch Hoyt, Claristidge will be a familiar name to many of you who are fans of the excellent Acid Washed.

Their first release, ‘We Don’t Need’, comes via newly minted imprint WYN & M Records setup by Mathieu Besset and David Ducaruge.

Hugo Capablanca, Andrew Claristidge & Satch Hoyt come from wildly different musical backgrounds, and that explains the indecipherable melting pot of influences ranging from mutant disco to drone-y trance alongside more traditional sounds from South American and Asia.

Anyway, geography aside, we’re giving away a special remix from French don Turzi, who has been steadily releasing music via Record Makers since 2007.

The French producer keeps the original’s uneasy cinematic composition, but gives the track a bit of a lift with sturdier percussion, more obvious melodies whilst still managing to keep the track’s foreboding suspense largely intact.

Click the picture above to be taken to your free download, and you can listen to the whole release below, which is quite unlike anything we’ve heard this year, falling somewhere between cinematic psychedelia and asian-inspired electronica if you really like pigeons and holes.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.