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Hamburg duo Digitalism are giving away a free download of a new track ‘Fahrenheit 32’ which apparently marks a new chapter for the duo.

Musically, ‘Fahrenheit 32’ sees the duo flirting with the electro house sound that saw their debut album ‘Idealism’ take on cult status, and is certainly a step back from the more indie-based output that we heard in ‘I Love You Dude‘.

Here’s what the duo said about their supposed new direction, their new track and what we can expect from Jens “Jence” Moelle and İsmail “Isi” Tüfekçi in the future.

“Today – 21st January 2014 – we bestow upon you a gift, a completely new piece of music from the Vaults of the Digitalism Music bunker in Hamburg called ’Fahrenheit 32!’ Available exclusively for you to play, download, share, burn, cut to vinyl, edit, remix, bootleg, mash-up, the options are endless.

‘Fahrenheit 32’ marks a new direction for us both musically and creatively. It’s not just a milestone on a long journey of ours, but also a peace offering for what’s about to come. In 2014 we want to let the music and creative side of our work take the forefront of our image, which unfortunately means that you will be seeing a less personable version of us, especially in light of how much time we will spend in the studio.

“We chose this route because for the first time, in a long time, we found ourselves in one of the most creative periods of our career. Over the past months we have been writing music for ourselves and also for other artists, we remixed and re-edited our peers and DJ’ed some of the best shows throughout our 10 year career.

“So it seems fitting to let all of this have a face and image of its own, whilst our own faces are busy programming, sequencing and staring into computer screens.

“‘Fahrenheit 32’ represents the start of this new creative era, so please treasure this music and enjoy it as much as we did making and playing it, as well as hearing it on BBC Radio 1, Triple J and KCRW in the last few days. It’s a moment in time, our time – 2014.”

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Andrew Rafter

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