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We thought we’d go a bit retro and post some money-making Youtube clips of tracks that should be on your radar.

First up, we have the bosses of the crosses Justice and their new single ‘Newlands’, which has been expertly remixed by SebastiAn. Basically its a bit meh at the beginning – until, that is, you hit the drop (don’t laugh) then it goes all electro days gone by circa 2006 – lookout for it June 25 alongside the Live version.

Next up we have the radio rip of Breakbot’s new single featuring Irfane ‘1 Out Of 2’. We’d go as far as saying it’s the weakest track we’ve heard from Breakbot so far. It’s not bad – but just not as good as what has come before.

To Ed Banger’s credit all is not lost as they have got Oliver on the remix duties who make a slightly average track into an amazing one.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.