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Katzenwaffe and Oscillators are a duo from Sweden and Denmark, they met by chance on twitter after they both responded to a re-tweet from software company Propellerhead – the same software they both use to make music.

‘Epochalypse’ is not your ordinary EP, but a mini album of sorts. For us, it has concept album written all over it: a clear beginning, middle and end.

Sonically it’s straight out of the 2007-world of glitchy, trashy electro a la Justice and SebastiAn – but with a coherent, overarching narrative split between 5 movements to give it a film score quality to proceedings.

The EP starts with ‘Rising’ which is a tempered, restrained intro – but it soon begins to soar to an impending crescendo of harpsichords, bells and pianos stabs to create a real sense of anticipation.

‘Rising’ seamlessly bleeds into ‘Unveliing’ and it’s where the real party starts. It’s has everything you want from French electro: tight, compressed drums, cut-up synths and murky slap bass.

The EP gathers even more pace as they serve up an unrelenting barrage of electro with baroque inspired ‘Damnatio Ad Bestia’. It’s jam-packed full of dark, gut wrenching basslines, caustically compressed drums and unrelenting energy levels.

This EP might be 5 years too late, but ‘Epochalypse’ has the capacity to transport you back to a time where electro was just starting to take off. You should treat it as a musical time machine of sorts, but without the need to pack a flux capacitor or a washed-up theoretical physicist called Doc.

HBF Rating 4/5

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Andrew Rafter

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