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Wow this is a blast from the past. Belgium disco rockers The Fouck Brothers got in contact to say that they have new music they want to share. We featured them ages ago, something like 18 months ago, but now they’re are ready to show the world what they have been up to.

When we featured them one of the members was Andy Faisca, who is one half of Mustang, we’re almost certain he’s still involved in some way as the one of the tracks for today is a remix of Mustang’s ‘Apocalypso’.

For their remix they’ve injected some Caribbean disco flavours, corse synths and some disco percussion to make a remix that reminds us why we were excited by the Fouck Brothers.

Apocalypso-Mustang(TheFouckBrothers remix) by thefouckbrothers

They’ve also done a re-edit of Que Tal America’s ‘Two Man Sound’ – again it leans more towards the disco side of the electronic spectrum.

Que tal America-TwoManSound(TheFouckBrothers-Edit) by thefouckbrothers

And to finish, they have their entry for the Shoes remix, this is a bit more trashy electro-pop, with a dash of Soulwax live electro – it’s the closest, of three, to what they used to make we featured them last year.

TimeToDance TheShoes (TheFouckBrothers REMIX) by thefouckbrothers

Check out a sneak preview of their forthcoming EP. Excited? We certainly are.



Andrew Rafter

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