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Don’t be fooled by Irish Steph’s name, he is not Irish and does not make Irish music, well sort of – he’s a French producer who is about to release his first EP “Power” on French label Paranioak.

He makes a particularly noisy variety of distorted rocktro (rock & electro), combining dirty great big synths, distorted beats, pianos and Irish folk music – he’s already getting his tracks played by Sebastian, Kavinksy and Bloody Beetroots; not bad for someone so young.

When you listen to it you see why SebastiAn is all over it – but it also reminded us of Justice’s “Stress” and some early Boys Noise stuff. And they are sure to be all over this EP.

Irish Steph – Power (EP Teaser) by Irish Steph

He’s enlisted HBF favourites NEUS & Deluce to help with the remixing duties as well as Pulpalicious and VNNR.

This is looking like a massive release. Are we about to see another massive invasions of new noisey french electro stars? Well, if you read this blog you’ll probably know the answer to this. YES.

Irish Steph – Power Part 2 (Preview) by Irish Steph

Also, check out the track “IRA’s Tweed” quite possibly the most bizarrely fantastic track we have heard ever probably. Irish folk music, combined with banging french electro. It shouldn’t work at all, but somehow it comes together fantastically.

We have been given the choice to giveaway one of the 8 tracks from the EP – turns out it was one of the hardest decisions to make – they all sound amazing. We decided to go for the NEUS remix of the digital b-side “Leprechauns Love Disco” which features plenty of Justice-esque synth action – this is sure to be big in clubland. It’s the track Deluce has remixed and he has done a fine job too.

We’ve also got a remix from LaClopeAuBec – which is a epically dramatic take on his track “IRA’s Tweed”.

Irish Steph – Leprechauns Love Disco


Grab here in full 320 glory.

Irish Steph – IRA’s Tweed


Grab here in full 320 glory.

Vinyl out September 20, 2010 (Nuloop, Deejay.de, Juno, Decks.de)

Digital out September 27, 2010 (iTunes, Beatport and Juno)




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