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Principleasure is the work of a producer who wishes to distance himself from his previous output. And whilst it isn’t hard to find who he really is, we’re willing to maintain status quo because were nice like that.

The former Londoner now resides in the LA’s warehouse district and instead of succumbing to the tempting low hanging fruit of the EDM world, he instead has decided to go back to basics — using only analogue equipment, which he has plenty of — to concoct a combination of electro, techno, EBM, (basically anything that’s dark and twisted), for his latest musical endeavour.

His debut four-track EP, ‘Hexagonal Dab’, plays out a bit like love-letter to some of France’s most reverred electro producers. For instance, ‘Hexagonal Dub’ could easily be the work of the sith lord himself Gesaffelstein, whilst the neon gallop of ‘Intro’ could easily be passed off as Kavinsky (well, SebastiAn, but you get what we mean).

Anyway, whilst imitation is indeed the highest form of flattery, Principleasure does manage to push past that and delivers two further cuts that offer something of a tantalising glimpse at the future of electro, with the spooky-as-hell ‘Visceral Issue’ and electro-funk palette cleanser, ‘Hysterial O’, which acts as the cherry on the top of this tasty electro treat.

More of this, please.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.