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Jacques does not give a shit. Evidence of this can be seen in the French producer’s haircut — that my friends is someone who gives no fucks.

Jacques — In The Radio

As far as we can tell, ‘In The Radio’, is actually an English version of a track that has been previously been release, but with the lyrics in French.

Clearly, then, it’s being given another shot at the big time for those of us who are English speaking and were glad because everyone needs to witness the ludicrousness of the video and accompanying zany song.

Musically, it falls somewhere between Siriusmo and Disclosure, meaning that its sultry house wrapped around a memecore aesthetic. And it’s blood marvellous.

And the haircut, well as he explains, “shame is a real scourge…I forced myself to unchain my mind from what people think about me and my appearance. The truth is that after 3 years I am still feeling shame each time I get into the subway, that’s why I keep wearing it.”

We’ll shut up now so you can fully enjoy the quirkiness.

Jacques will be playing one of his unique improvised shows in London at the end of the month — check out the details here. 

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.