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Anbuley is a singer songwriter whose sound has been shaped by her parents heritage and stints living in both Vienna and Ghana.

Anbuley is the daughter of African/Ghanaian parents. She is the younger of two daughters who were both born during their parents stay in Vienna after Anbuley’s father received a scholarship from the Ghanaian government to study to Vienna.

Her father is a massive traditional African and jazz music fan and avid vinyl collector. Her mother, who was an African dancer, instilled in Anbuley from an early age a great feel for both rhythm and groove.

Naturally, being brought up in an Africa house in Austria has seen Anbuley’s music take on elements of both modern dance music — namely house with a touch of bass music — and traditional Ghanian music.

And the results are, well, excellent.

Her latest track, ‘Be’ — which has been made alongside DJ Hen Boogie — is a slinky cut of ethereal house that’s backed Anbuley’s vocals and a tight tribal house groove which makes for a complex cut that shows a great deal of promise.

The vocals were written in English and then translated into GA, one of the languages spoken in Ghana.

More of this, please.

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