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Roman Kouder is a Parisian producer who has caught our ear with his impossibly infectious new track, ‘Turn Away’.

We’ve never actually heard of Kouder before, so we did our due diligence and had a good ol’ rummage around his Soundcloud page and the 17 or so tracks on offer — and we immediately noticed that there’s a common thread.


Not just just disco, though. It’s disco with almost every other conceivable genre — so you’ve got disco & hip hop, disco & pop, disco & EDM — you get where we’re going, and having listened to almost all of his tracks, he’s got a pretty good hit rate.

It’s our opinion that his latest, ‘Turn Away’, is the best track he’s done so far. If you listen to the his very first track ‘Nightlight’ its a perfectly serviceable nu-disco track but when comparing it to ‘Turn Away’ and you get real a sense of Kouder’s journey from disco imitator to pop innovator.

Stream or Purchase: lnk.to/RomanKouder-TurnAway

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.