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With all the division that’s going on in the world, Luis Clara Gomes, aka Moullinex, delivers his own call for unity with the first track to be taken from his third studio album.

Mixing music and politics can often be fraught with danger, and most artists just steer clear of it entirely. There are some, of course, who will speak out on but rarely does it bleed into their music.

Not Moullinex, though.

‘Open House’ is the complete opposite to his last track, Build A Wall, where he managed to expertly wrap a club banger around his opposition to Donald Trump and his stupid wall. If you’ve not heard it you really should.

‘Open House’ still packs the same sense of conviction and is described as the “soundtrack for an imaginary club night ran by George Clinton and Colonel Abrams in Rio de Janeiro in 1981.

Whilst, ‘Open House’ is indeed nauseatingly happy – especially so because the melodies rasp and fizz with such positive energy – you can’t help but be taken in by it.

And then when you add in a vocal from the mysterious Tee Flowers – which sounds like a sermon on the power of love – it becomes even more powerful.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.