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One of the hardest things about music blogging is making someone/ something sound interesting when you’re given no information.

I mean, I can understand why some people aren’t comfortable trying to sell themselves or their art – I get that. But, from my perspective, if you’re submitting your music to a music blog then you are actually trying to sell yourself and your art.

Now, I can hear what you’re muttering to yourself: “you’re a music journalist – isn’t your job to try and extract the necessary information.”

Well, you’re right, to a degree, it is – but honestly, if you’ve not taken the time to really flesh out who you are, and why you do what you do – it shouldn’t be my job to try and coax it out you, especially since I’m doing this largely out of the kindness of my heart.

Anyway, I agreed to cover a track by Josimar, who is a “long-time” DJ. Naturally, I google him, and there wasn’t a great deal of info on him. He might be Josimar from Manchester, but again that’s just guess work.

So here’s the track, a house track that sounds at times a bit like a box-ticking exercise, and at others like a subtle acid-tinged roller that does show some promise.

Anyway, this isn’t a dig at Josimar (well, it kinda is) but hopefully, he and the many others like him might be a little braver when it comes to submissions and actually write some information, or might consider working with a PR if he’s really serious about this whole music lark – because at the moment it’s all a bit half-arsed.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.