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If there was a French house version of Mount Rushmore, where the faces of this once world-conquering genre were immortalised on the side of France’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, there would have to be a space for The Supermen Lovers’ Guillaume Atlan.

The ‘Starlight’ producer has just released a brand-new EP, ‘Walking On The Moon’, and to be quite honest it’s some of the best music he’s released for quite some time.

‘Caravan’ is the release’s club track; a fun-filled, stripped-back, club-thumper that’s jam-packed with sizzling percussion and tribal vocals, and it manages to straddle both house and techno at the same time. ‘Parallels’ is the polar opposite – it’s the release’s analog jam; a cacophony of noodling melodies and catchy riffs delivered with a healthy dollop of disco fun.

And the title track, well, that’s where things get interesting, it’s a soulful cut of French house that’s so well put together it should appeal to fans of pop and electronic music (and that scrambled vocoder at the mid-way point is just about the best thing we’ve heard in 2017).

There were rumours, of course, that Atlan had been working with Rico The Wizard (who helped produce The Weeknd and Daft Punk’s ‘I Feel It Coming’) so it might not be all that surprising that ‘Walking On The Moon’ sounds this good.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.